Residential Foundation

Residential Foundation

The Metropolitan Municipality is faced with the same challenges as some of the smaller municipalities – limited resources, matured infrastructure that requires massive capital investment, high unemployment, sporadic community support combined with limited private sector support.

In addition, the City is often seen as a place with a magnitude of employment opportunities which result in an ever increasing in migration spiral.

The creation of the Residential foundation is a Business-driven initiative to improve the circumstances in the City for the businesses as well as the residents of the City. When unemployment increases or Service delivery protests flare up – the ripple effect of these socioeconomic incidents are visible across the economy and have an impact on every business directly as well as indirectly.

Whether it is delayed services or road closures preventing business flow or the impact of reduced services on the property market, the impact does not pass anyone. If we as the residents and business owners want a better working and living environment, we need to invest energy effort and finances to improve our situation.

Although the Residential Foundation is the brain child of Ukuqala Okusha, the participation of all the residents and business owners are invited. In most of the municipalities there are an urgent need for increased Sanitation service delivery and employment.

The Goal of the Residential foundation is to become the Friendly neighbour that can assist and drive service delivery expansion.

The drive of the Residential foundation would be to improve the working and living environment in the Municipal area. Although the improvement drives would be parallel to the Integrated Development plan, it could also include addressing urgent issues like maintenance or Spikes in crime depending on the available budget.

The Residential Foundation is a registered Non-Profit organization who would comply to all legislative requirements. Each municipality would have their own Residential Foundation servicing the Residents of the Municipality.

In opposition with most Non-Profit organizations the Salary of Management would be capped at 20% of available income and the bulk of the income would be allocated to our tasks at hand.