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All over the world Waste is a challenge. Waste Water, in specific is a big culprit where it comes to environmental and health challenges. We have spent years researching various ways of managing waste from the whole waste spectrum. During our research it became clear that the waste stream standing at the back of the queue is the Waste Water – Blackwater, Grey water and industrial effluents.

Countries around the world, have made various efforts to balance issues between Waste Water and environmental impact. Developing a sustainable and expansive business model that can be replicated has eluded everyone thus far.

Ukuqala Okusha believe that we have the alternative solution to utilizing Waste Water in a financially viable manner to the benefit of all. We pride ourselves in the unique approach towards community development, employment creation and the financial reinvestment in our supporters. 

Ukuqala Okusha customize our solutions to the waste stream and customer requirements. .Our solutions include Biological management ,Chemical and Thermal utilization if we cannot reverse engineer the effluent to a value added product.   

We must emphasize that we are a ZERO WASTE company.  All waste is reduced, reused and recycled.

New areas of Waste management that is attracting our attention for the future are Acid Mine Water and Coal. Both of these Waste streams are detrimental to our environment.


Ukuqala Okusha utilize different biological methods to convert the waste streams to valuable products.

Phyto-remediation is a process where plants are used to absorb toxic material from the soil and thereby restoring the balance and fertility in the soil. Non edible plants are used for this process.

Vermicomposting traditionally was where earthworms were used to detoxify soil and restore soil fertility. The challenge however is that the earthworms can not supply an instant solution to rebalancing the scales. Heavy metal presence after mining activities benefits from earthworm colonialization.

Insect utilization is a relatively new aspect of the biological management of specific waste streams. Different stages of the life cycle are utilized and the harvested products have been used as inexpensive animal feeds. Waste streams that qualify for this management is predominantly food waste, and all forms of animal waste.

Products that are available post rendering include protein meal insect oil and Frass which is a soil remediation agent similar to vermicompost. Product differentiation is influenced by waste stream, insect type, rearing and rendering factors.

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